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pre-surgical physical therapy improves outcomesMake no mistake – joint replacement is a major operation. However, since it’s not usually an emergency situation, you can plan for it and work it into your schedule.

This is an important fact to remember because it gives you an opportunity to work up to the surgery with some pre-surgical physical therapy.

Depending on the patient and the required surgery, pre-surgical physical therapy can help shorten your post-op hospital stay, as well as greatly reduce your odds of needing post-surgical discharge to an in-patient rehab facility by as much as 73%. Continue reading

Is it Time to Schedule a Physical Therapy appointment?

Not all physical therapy patients are getting over joint-replacement surgery. Physical therapy can be very beneficial for common injuries, and can help alleviate pain, restore function and movement, and prevent more serious issues later on down the road. But when is the best time to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist? Continue reading