Shoulder Pain: How risky is your office workstation?

Many patients attending our clinic often have no idea of the origin of their pain/immobility. When it comes to shoulder pain, one might expect a work injury, auto accident, arthritis etc., to explain their misery.

However, quite frequently their discomfort (soon to be agony) often stems from inactivity. Do you spend a large part of your workday typing, texting, and mousing? You may not hear it, but your shoulders (not to mention neck, back, and lower extremities) are screaming at you to move and stretch them.

shoulder pain
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Office ergonomics play a critical role in avoiding shoulder pain at the office. Here are a few tips/suggestions to consider. Be sure to click the links for additional info!

  • Use a headset instead of cradling your phone
  • Adjust your computer monitor to an arm’s length away with the top of the monitor just below eye level.
  • Use an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray
  • Practice good posture with thighs parallel to the ground, your feet flat on the floor, and shoulders back

Establishing a stretching routine throughout the day with good form and technique to refresh tired muscles is a good safeguard for maintaining overall joint health.

If your shoulder pain gets to be too much to where stretching doesn’t alleviate it, you should consider setting up a physical therapy appointment. Shoulder maladies are challenging, but I’m confident that most of our patients discharged from physical therapy are more pain-free and agile than when they started. Appointments are easy to schedule and we have two locations.