Elizabeth H.

“When I first started therapy, I could not stand, use the stairs or walk without immediate pain. Now, my pain level does not go over a 2 or 3 even after extended periods of time. I have, I would say, about a 95% improvement. The staff at Infinity Physical Therapy is all very caring, thorough and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend this facility.”

Jennifer Z.

“I had not been to physical therapy before and was very intimidated. I have to say that the whole staff was very warm and welcoming. The patience each has shown to me has made this an overall enjoyable experience (as much as therapy can be, of course). I would, and have already in fact, recommend Infinity Physical Therapy to anyone. Thank you!”

Paul E.

“Prior to therapy, I had intermittent back pain and numbness in my toes. I also had muscle weakness in my back because I was afraid to exercise and injure it. After therapy, my back is noticeably stronger and more flexible. Both back pain and numbness are gone. The staff was consistently professional, helpful, friendly, and encouraging.”

Angela S.

“When beginning therapy, I was experiencing headaches, back and neck pain, and my activity was limited – such as bending, reaching and stretching. At this point, headaches are not as bad, and my range of motion has improved dramatically. I am able to resume regular activity with little to no ill effects and pain level has decreased dramatically.”

Roseann H.

“When I started therapy I was always in pain no matter what I did – walk, stand, sit, do housework, whatever. But since I have been in therapy, I have improved so much. Little or no pain when I do things now. So, a little more therapy and I will be good as new. I want to thank everyone at Infinity Physical Therapy for being so kind and patient with me. They are wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone to come here for therapy. Thanks so much!”

Connie S.

“When I started four weeks ago, I was in constant pain, especially reaching back to dress and buckle my seat belt or to pull my pants up. Today, I have no pain and my reaching back is so much better – no pain. Infinity Physical Therapy was wonderful with so much hands-on work in helping me recover from my shoulder problem. Dr. Dan, Sarah, Brandy and Keely were all wonderful in helping me.”

Sue C.

“I feel really good! The pain is gone. I wouldn’t have believed that stretching and exercise would cure my pain. It did!!”

Gary B.

“My expectations were low when I arrived, but the results are great. I had up to a 6 level of pain, but now it is close to what is was before the accident, which was a maximum of a 3 level. Sarah, Brandy and Dan greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks!”

Patricia M.

“Had leg and back pain (severe at times).  Could not walk, mow grass, sit or ride in car, hurt to lift objects and stairs were a challenge.  Had therapy at Infinity Physical Therapy and have no pain at all now.  Walk 2 to 2 1/2 miles, trips to VA and can sit/drive car without pain.  I can push mow grass and go up and downstairs with no pain.  Third time for therapy for different conditions at Infinity.  Recommend Infinity for all – great employees and therapy.”

Melodie B.

“When I started physical therapy, I had numbness in my right thumb, pain below my neck & shoulder blade and numbness in my right arm with loss of strength.  Now the numbness in my thumb is gone along with the pain in my neck and shoulder blade.  The numbness in my arm is also gone and my strength is returning.  Thanks to the great staff here who worked with me and got me back to normal.  I recommend the PT facility to anyone who needs to get back on their feet.”

Lori F.

“When I began therapy, I had great difficulty in performing all activities of daily living, i.e. dressing, bathing, walking, getting in/out of car, etc.  Upon completion of therapy, I am independent in all areas, with only slight difficulty with the same things, walking up a steep hill, etc.  I would recommend this therapy office to anyone in need of rehabilitation.  My thanks to all the staff.”

Sherry D.

“When I first started physical therapy, I noticed a difference in my pain level.  Before therapy, my knee, shoulders and neck hurt constantly.  Making it unable for me to do all of my daily chores/functions.  After therapy sessions, my pain was steadily diminishing.  Now I am able to work all day and come home and do everything needed.  Knee pain no longer keeps me up at night.  Everyone was extremely helpful, patient and always there when needed.  I would highly recommend Infinity Physical Therapy.”

Audrey W.

“Before therapy, it was very painful to walk – I had a painful limp, along with my hip and back hurting very much.  I now can walk very easily with minimal pain and my back no longer hurts, all due to the wonderful staff.  The therapists are beyond excellent.  Everyone here are the greatest employees and I highly recommend Infinity Physical Therapy to everyone needing it.  Thank you all!”

Kim T.

“I initially came in for therapy because of numbness, tingling, weakness, soreness and being achy.  Currently I am back to normal.  No pain, aches, tingling or weakness.  I am fully capable without any issues.”

Pauline L.

“Before my first visit, I was using my walker.  When I had about 2 visits, I felt much stronger.  After the third and fourth visit, I was using the cane on and off at home.  Now I don’t need it all the time.  I walk around without it most of the time.  I believe the therapist helped me a lot.  I will recommend them to my friends.”

Lenna L.

“After bi-lateral knee replacement on June 12, I had three weeks of re-hab and came here on July 13. I had balance problems, knee, hip and back pain.  I could not stand or walk more than a few minutes.  I am now walking .4 a mile and have no knee or hip pain.  I am able to do my every day chores and I am generally feeling good.”

Frank D.

“At the start of physical therapy, I had pain in the 8-9/10 range.  I had a lot of pain with walking, sitting, standing, bending, lifting and lying flat on back.  I needed help with housework, cooking, etc.  After physical therapy, I am able to do everything with no more than a little ache sometimes.  They have helped me a great deal.  Thanks to all at Infinity!”

Michelle C.

“I really feel I have made a lot more progress.  In fact, I feel I need more physical therapy.  My range of motion has gotten a little better so I feel it is working and I am thankful.  Thank you all for everything you have done for me and I hope to see you soon!  Stay positive, stay in prayer.  Love you guys!!”

Linda B.

“Coming to therapy was like visiting old friends.  Everyone was very helpful, adept and knowledgeable in the respective jobs.  I have and would recommend this facility for anyone to have therapy!”

Jacinda M.

“When I first started therapy, my pain was a 5 even at rest.  Now it is completely gone at rest and only gets as high as a 1 with activity.  The staff are all wonderful and I highly recommend this place.”

Emma G.

“When I came in, I was dizzy, but now I am doing good.  I am now able to walk and jump without a problem!”

Ryan M.

“When I first came to therapy, I could not walk up stairs or bend my leg all the way.  Now I can walk up stairs and bend my leg completely.  Sara and Brandy were awesome and really took care of me.”

Gerald B.

“I first started therapy in March and was in very poor condition.  I am much better now with all the help that I got.”

Keith C.

“I came in with constant neck pain, back pain and headaches.  At the end of my treatment, I’m experiencing less pain and overall ease of movement.”

Donna D.

“When I first came in for therapy, I had a 7-8/10 level pain in my lower back.  With my neck pain, I had trouble sleeping and just day to day pain.  Now after therapy, my neck pain is 1-2/10 and I feel much better.  My back pain has also leveled off to normal pain for me.  I have used home exercises as well as my appointments over the past few months.  I would return to Infinity Physical Therapy and would recommend them to others.”

Nadia L.

“Very friendly atmosphere and great service!”