What is the ‘Holiday Headache’?

holiday-headacheIf you suffer from chronic headaches, the holiday season can cause numerous unwanted problems no matter how much you love this time of year. With holiday parties comes indulging in all sorts of food, especially trigger foods and alcohol, which can result in the onset of a headache.

The stress of all the shopping, the driving from store to store, and then getting everything wrapped in time can bring on a tension headache. If you are hosting a holiday party or family gathering, then you have all of that planning and decorating to deal with. There’s another tension headache!

And with all of that going on, you may not be getting as much sleep as you need, which leads to – you guessed it. Another tension headache.

For tips on what you can do to deal with some of these situations and to fend off some of those nagging unwanted headaches, click the link!