knee scar
Scar after knee surgery

What to do About Scar Tissue

By Brandy Haldiman, Physical Therapy Assistant

The development of scar tissue is part of the body’s normal healing process.

After injury to the normal collagen cells in the body, new cells are brought to the injury site and will soon become healthy tissue. Sometimes, this new tissue can become balled up tissue called ‘scar tissue’. 

While there is no way to completely eliminate scar tissue, there are ways to minimize it. As a general rule, early and consistent attention paid to the scar tissue reduces the possibility of any long-term concerns, such as pain, numbness, or limited range of motion.

At Infinity Physical Therapy, we employ a number of techniques to help minimize the effect of scar tissue for our patients. Such techniques include:

  • Scar mobilization and lubrication
  • Electrical modalities (ultrasound)
  • Cold and hot packs
  • Massage:
    • Myofascial release
    • Cross-friction techniques

Each of these techniques are unique and must be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. If you have concerns about scar tissue after injury or surgery, contact one of our offices to set up an appointment.